Straightens and eliminates volume for up to 12 weeks

Formaldehyde-free straightening treatment that provides professional results. Comes in 3 versions: 

Brazilian Straightening, for all types of hair 

Brunette Brazilian Straightening, for dark hair 

Brunette Brazilian Straightening, for light hair

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  • Pre Treatment Shampoo x 15 mL
  • Straightening Mask x 150 mL
  • Shampoo x 30 mL
  • Conditioner x 30 mL
  • Brush 
  • Pair of gloves 
  • Step by step leaflet



Brazilian Straightening: 
- with Glyoxylic, Vegetal Keratin, Amino acids, Argan Oil and Shea Butter.

Brazilian Straightening Brunette:
- with Glyoxylic, Vegetal Keratin, Amino acids, Organic Coconut Oil and Açai Oil.

Brazilian Straightening Blonde:
- with Glyoxylic, Vegetal Keratin, Amino acids, Olive Oil and Citrus Fruits.


  • Straightens hair with curls, waves, volume and frizz.
  • Recovers strength, shine, hydration and softness.
  • Professional result for up to 12 weeks.
  • Eliminates volume and frizz.
  • Effective and safe formula that provides care.
  • With thermo-protection and thermic memory: straightening is activated with blow dryer's heat.

Step 1: Wash hair with Pre Treatment Shampoo, then dry completely with a towel and blow-dry. Do not apply conditioner after applying shampoo. 

Step 2: Once clean and completely dry, divide hair into 4 areas and start applying the straightening mask on one of the 2 areas in the back of the head. Apply product, strand by strand (1 to 1 ½ cm wide), leaving ½ cm free from the root, making sure to cover all hair evenly. Let sit for 15 minutes and once time has elapsed, remove excess product, if any, with a comb. 

Step 3: Dry hair with a blow-dryer and a brush (flat, round or a fine comb), brushing downwards and without performing a blow-dry to avoid removing the product, until hair is completely dry. 

Step 4: Iron all hair taking fine strands of hair and work iron through hair 8 to 12 times at a temperature between 200 °C and 230 °C (392 °F to 446 °F). Make sure that after ironing, there is no Brazilian Straightening mask residue. Before starting with the next step, wait 5 minutes. 

IMPORTANT: In case hair is very fine or damaged, we recommend working the iron quickly, especially on hair tips or, otherwise, lower iron temperature to 150°C or 180°.

Step 5: Wash hair with Shampoo, apply Conditioner and rinse. Then, dry hair naturally or blow-dry. 

What is  Kativa Brazilian Straightening?

It's a unique treatment with a professional result that straightens  and reduces volume and frizz in hair and restores its vitality in an easy and practical way.

If I had other straightening processes before, can I apply Kativa Brazilian Straightening on my hair?

Yes. It can be applied to hair with any type of previous straightening.

If I have dyed hair with a light color or dark tone design, what straightening should I use?

For hair with color designs, including light or blond tones, we recommend using the  Brazilian Straightening Blonde kit, while for hair with a dark or chestnut color design, we suggest using the Brunette Brazilian Straightening kit.

It's important to consider that a slight variation in hair color may occur. If you want a new color, it can be done immediately after the straightening process.

How long does the treatment with Kativa Brazilian Straightening last?

The treatment lasts up to 12 weeks if the process is carried out correctly. To enhance the treatment's effect, we recommend using the Kativa Post Straightening Line every day, which, thanks to its formula with ActiLiss, extends straightening 50% longer. Otherwise, we recommend using a Kativa product line.

Does steam appear during the process with Kativa Brazilian Straightening?

Yes. The steam is produced by the effect of heat, both from the blow dryer and the iron, on hair moisture and it is normal for it to appear, as it indicates that the product is penetrating the hair strand. It is a moderate steam, non-toxic nor irritating. Kativa Brazilian Straightening does not contain, in its composition, any substance prohibited for cosmetic use; however, it is recommended to perform the straightening treatment in a place with good ventilation. 

How should I perform the ironing?

Slide the iron slowly so that the product evaporates faster. Thin sections of hair must be ironed until 100% of the Straightening Cream is removed. During the drying process, as well as the ironing one, it's essential for hair to be 100% dry.

Very important: in case hair is damaged, lower the temperature and decrease the number of times the iron is worked from the middle to the tips. If hair is extremely damaged, we recommend doing a repair treatment first.


After using Kativa Brazilian Straightening, can I hold my hair or use pins?

Yes. Hair can be held with pins without any problem, the straightening will not be affected. 

Does Kativa Brazilian Straightening cause itchiness on the scalp?

Only if the Straightening Cream comes into contact with the scalp, itching may occur. Therefore, it's recommended to apply the product ½ cm from the root. In case you have touched the scalp, rinse the area with warm water.

How long does the application of Kativa Brazilian Straightening last?

Time is relative and will depend on each person, as well as on the amount and length of hair. It's very important to follow the steps properly and completely, insisting on the drying and ironing processes, so that the result is as expected.  

For what length and quantity of hair is the use of the Brazilian Straightening Kit recommended?

It's recommended for medium to long hair. In case you have very long hair or a large amount of hair, we suggest using 2 kits.

  • Follow instructions step by step without skipping any steps. 
  • This product may lighten the colour of dyed hair. If you wish to colour your hair again, you may do it immediately after the straightening process. 
  • Provide special care for your hair by using salt and sulfate free products, like those by Kativa. 
  • To make the straightening last longer, use Kativa Post Straightening line, which is salt and sulfate free.