Kativa Post Alisado, a line especially formulated to prolong the straightening effect on hair; keeping it tidy, docile, with shine and softness for a  longer time.

Its exclusive formula with vegetable Keratin, Organic Argan Oil and ActiLiss controls frizz and humidity in hair, and repairs it from damage.

Recommended for hair with any type of straightening treatment.

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  • Shampoo 250 ml
  • Conditioner 250 ml
  • Serum Sheer 200 ml
Actiliss: Component of Antrifizz action with Humidity Resistance factor. Helps reduce volume and frizz and prolongs the straightening effect.

Organic Argan: Adds extra softness and shine to hair.

Vegetal Keratin: Helps to repair damaged hair.

KATIVA POST ALISADO is free of salt, sulfates, parabens and gluten
  • Prolongs straightening for 50% longer time*
  • Recommended for hair with any type of straightening treatment.
  • Enriched with Vegetable Keratin and Organic Argan Oil.
  • Repairs damaged hair.
  • Moisturizes and gives extra shine to hair.
  • * Test of the effectiveness of the full routine shampoo versus placebo. Tested in Kativa smoothing without iron, Kativa Smoothing Brazilian and Brazilian Smoothing Brazilian Xpress
  • Straight hair for a longer time.
  • Docile hair with shine and natural movement.
Why is it important that KATIVA POST ALISADO line is free of salt?
Salt (sodium chloride) does not provide any benefit to hair; on the contrary, it produces frizz, puffiness and deteriorates straightening, coloring, perms, and other treatments. Furthermore, this type of salt removes keratin, which is responsible for moisturizing and strengthening hair.

What are sulfates and which are their effects?
Sulfates are ingredients added to the conventional shampoo formula, and other hair products, which act as detergents producing foam to “clean” hair. Far from damaging or affecting its appearance, they remove hair’s natural oil, resulting in irritation and dryness. They strip off keratin from hair and may cause color loss, in dyed hair. This causes hair fiber to become more sensitive, thus increasing hair care needs.

What are parabens?
A group of chemical products used to extend shampoo’s shelf life; most parabens used are artificial and oil by-products. Not only parabens irritate skin, but they also affect the scalp and may cause hair loss.

What is gluten and which are its effects?
Gluten is a protein that is found in food products, such as barley, wheat, rye, etc. Gluten is not only found in food, but also in personal care products, such as conventional shampoo and conditioner. It affects people who suffer gluten intolerance; i.e. celiacs. Kativa cares for people’s wellbeing we do not use gluten in our products to prevent this type of situations.